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This Awesome Backpack Could Save Your Life

We keep life-saving devices nearby when we go on a boat, a plane, or even into the backcountry. But when we go to work or arrive home on the 15th floor of a high-rise, the stairs are likely our only escape plan. Until now. Israeli firm SkySaverUSA has created a portable escape system that looks and acts like…
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Wonderful Wednesday: 9 Fun STEM Crafts for Your Kids

Forget those problem sets! Get your kids psyched about STEM with interactive toys they can make at home. They'll be amazed to see science, technology, engineering, and math in action in a setting that feels nothing like school. Get templates and instructions at Balancing Buddy Your child will be delighted to see this silly pal teeter on…
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Advice of the Week: Perform Physical Activities

There are all kinds of tests in college--beyond those you take for a grade. Examples include Social and sexual pressures. The temptation of readily available alcohol, drugs, and unhealthy food. The challenge of getting enough sleep. Stress from trying to balance classes, friends, homework, jobs, athletics, and leadership positions. The following tips and information can…
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Crowdfunding Campaign Raises £2m for Victims of London Fire

Donations to help those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy have surpassed £2million in just two days. Several charity and fundraising campaigns were set up following the blaze at the 24-storey block in north Kensington, west London. Haley Yearwood, a teacher at a school in the borough, started a JustGiving page which alone has helped raise…
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